CRÉO is a new european brand in russian market which was developed and created in Italy.

Head office of this trade mark is located in France, in the 9th district of Paris.

Such kind of symbiosis of mentalities helps to unite impressive Italian design and delicate French elegance in CRÉO collections.

The main ideological inspirer and creator of Creo – Mr. Emanuele Pangrazi – believes that the creation of a good product mostly depends on the human factor which is more important than the technical component. And that’s the main idea of TM CRÉO creation.

Design developments created by Emanuele Pangrazi repeatedly received almost all the major awards in design category.

The main feature is the desire for individuality, so CRÉO developers happy to take up the development and implementation of individual projects. The process is long (about 3 years) and expensive, but the result is worth it.

For the moment, the company has developed and presented several basic collections of sanitary ware ceramics designed for a wide range of customers on to the Russian market.